Sunday, 4 June 2017

The 11th Edition Of The Annual "In Gold we Trust" Report Is Now Out

"We live in an age of advanced monetary surrealism. In Q1 2017 alone, the largest central banks created the equivalent of almost USD 1,000 bn. worth of central bank money ex nihilo. Naturally the fresh currency was not used to fund philanthropic projects but to purchase financial securities1 . Although this ongoing liquidity supernova has temporarily created an uneasy calm in financial markets, we are strongly convinced that the real costs of this monetary madness will reveal themselves down the line." 
- In Gold we Trust 2017 

This year's edition of the In Gold we Trust report issued by Ronald Stöferle and his team is now out.

Over the years, the report has gained a solid reputation, both in the mainstream and naturally among Austrian economists and students of free market economics in general.

Though the report of course has become a must-read for gold investors, the report is an important read for all investors as well as students of finance and economics in my opinion. The report contains a wealth of knowledge that bridges theory and practice, and the myriad of clever quotes spread around the pages are themselves excellent reasons to read the report.

Pick up your copy and read it! Access the report here.

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