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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Weekly Seafood Update: Norwegian Farmed Salmon Exports, week 25 2012

Statistics Norway reported an export of 17,805 metric tonnes of fresh/chilled and frozen farmed salmon from Norwegian salmon farmers in week 25, 2012. On a rolling average four week basis volume in tonnes exported were up 33.1% (4,359 tonnes) on the same period last year.

The weighted average price per kilo for the week was NOK 27.70 and was down 20.5% YoY on a rolling average four week basis.

The value of exports for the week was NOK 493.114 million, an increase of 6.0% (NOK 26.768 million) on last year on a rolling average four week basis.

The trend reported last week continues with a substantial increase in volume on last year and a decline in price leading to an accelerating percentage increase in the value (in NOK) of exports (up from 4.1% last week to 6.0% this week) as the increase in volume more than offset the drop in price.

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