Sunday, 29 July 2012

"Brussels sets up Barbados HQ to dole out £230m"

The Sun today reports that the EU sets up a HQ in Barbados at the cost of £2 million a year " 39 staff and officials based there can hand out £230million-worth of funding to Caribbean projects including helping to retrain banana growers" and " with balconies in a luxurious apartment block overlooking the beach have been rented for two EU officials of a “relatively senior level” to live in".

“A Sun poll earlier this month showed people want to trade with the EU but not be governed by them.
That includes not funding Eurocrats’ luxury lifestyles when taxpayers in the UK can’t afford to take their families abroad.” The offices have been decked out with the EU logo. And the officials’ apartment block comes with lush gardens and a swimming pool".

"Yet another reason why we [Britain] need to leave the EU and stop throwing British tax payers' money away on luxuries..." tweets Nigel Farage.

Come on taxpayers, stand up to this theft!

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