Tuesday, 31 July 2012

EU mission to assist in fighting terrorism in the Sahel

Has the EU and the commission not yet realised that it needs to cut spending as countries in the EU are struggling financially? Of course not The EU council today announced the following,

"The Council today gave the green light for a new Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) mission to support the fight against organised crime and terrorism in the Sahel region: EUCAP SAHEL Niger. Today's decision creates the legal basis for the mission, which is to kick off in August".

And EU "High Representative" Catherine Ashton said,

"Increased terrorist activity and the consequences of the conflict in Libya have dramatically heightened insecurity in the Sahel. The new mission will contribute to strengthening local capacity in fighting terrorism and organised crime. European experts will train the igerien security forces to improve their control of the territory and regional cooperation."

A budget of €8.7 million has been allocated "for the first year". But how many years will this last for and has that been budgeted for? Or is that simply a matter for next year?

How about taking care of their own first? Another good reason to close the whole EU fiasco.

Here's the press release. And see here for the EU 2013 budget which completely lacks any elements of "fiscal austerity".

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