Friday, 27 July 2012

"It was better for the Norwegian Labour Party to label Anders Behring Breivik insane"

Here is a letter to the editor of (a Norwegian online news publisher) published on 25.07.2012. The piece was written in Norwegian. In English it reads as follows (translated with Google Translator and ammended where necessary):

It was better for the Norwegian Labour Party to label Anders Behring Breivik as insane

Magne Reigstad believes the courts were controlled by the Labour Party to create a staged performance during the terror trial. reader Magne Reigstad questions that the Norwegian courts were so quick to portray Breivik like a mad man, instead of discussing the ideology behind his actions, and look for the explanation of fanatical extremism. Reigstad has followed the trial closely from the sidelines, and in a letter to the editor he criticises among other things, how the media filter that was used as Breivik spoke in the courtroom made his statements get completely out of context, and thus reinforces the impression Breivik was a mad man.

"TV editors had to stop the broadcast from the courtroom every time ABB gave evidence. We did not hear the words he put forward to support his opinions, but had to get them passed through a journalistic filter. And the filter worked perfectly. Newspaper reporters and NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) ran in packs. On TV, the statements from ABB were presented in isolation from a context, which reinforced the perception that he was insane, which was politically convenient" he writes.

Behind the scenes of the terrorist action

He also believes that the Norwegian courts made ​​a staged performance directed by the Norwegian Labour Party to distinguish a magnificent nation from the mad man - an not exploring how the "political domination and the opinion of the tyranny that has been established after the war, represented by one dominant party, may have been the cause of the extreme actions by Breivik on Utoya". Among other things, he writes: "The stigma we got on the Norwegian model and our glorious nation had, apparently, almost at any cost, to be removed. What is remarkable, and few talk about this, is how a small country like Norway with a so-called egalitarian society, could create the fundamentalists ABB and cause this extreme action. I think the answer will prove to lie in the frustration and powerlessness that some feel about the political domination and the tyranny of opinion that has been established after the war, represented by one dominant party. "

My point is to emphasise that the judiciary is politicised. Why were prosecutors so negative to the other mental health report? Because they do not want to hurt Labour with malicious thought. It is better to simply stamp the man mad, says Reigstad Nettavisen.

The Norwegian Labour Party would not comment on the article.

Here is the full article (in Norwegian).

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