Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weekly Seafood Update: Norwegian Farmed Salmon Exports, week 26 2012

Statistics Norway reported an export of 16,849 metric tonnes of fresh/chilled and frozen farmed salmon from Norwegian salmon farmers in week 26, 2012. On a rolling average four week basis volume in tonnes exported were up 30.1% (4,116 tonnes) on the same period last year.

The weighted average price per kilo for the week was NOK 27.15 and was down 16.9% YoY on a rolling average four week basis.

The value of exports for the week was NOK 457.484 million, an increase of 8.1% (NOK 35.915 million) on last year on a rolling average four week basis.

The trend reported for the last two weeks continues with a substantial increase in volume on last year and a decline in price. The value of exports continues to increase on last year as the increase in volume is higher than the drop in price. Prices are still declining compared to same period last year, but the decline is now substantially smaller than it was some weeks back (e.g. YoY % decline in price was 32.1% in week 18 on a rolling four week basis compared to 16.9% in week 26).

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