Sunday, 5 August 2012

Barroso speech after meeting with Samaras

Here's Barroso speaking after his meeting with prime minister Samaras of Greece recently. Pay close attention to his scaring tactics ("staying in the euro is the best way to avoid worse hardship and difficulties for the Greek people, namely for those in a more vulnerable position"). Also notice how he dictates to the people of Greece what they should do ("you need to rebuild your country, structures" etc). Is this really what the Greek people wants? Be dictated what to do, need to do and should do, by a non-Greek working for the EU? By a guy that claims to be a friend, but has not been in Greece for three years until now (see here).  By a guy that does nothing to to reduce the costs of running the EU (see here) - while Greece (and other countries) must implement "fiscal austerity". A guy that waste taxpayers' money (see for example here).

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