Friday, 31 August 2012

Criminals, Politicians and The rest of us writes,

Criminals concern themselves with the breaking of the law. The highest good is to get away with it. To the criminal, the mob boss is king as they are the farthest removed from the risk of being caught.

Politicians concern themselves with the shaping of the law, and operating behind it. The highest good is the excerise of power. Therefore, their highest esteem goes to judges, taoiseachs, prime ministers and presidents as they exercise the most control over others.

The rest of us concern ourselves with the keeping of the law. The highest good is to further ourselves. For the rest of us, our highest esteem goes to wealthy entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities or anyone else who has attained what we desire for ourselves fairly – through relevant hard work and without force.

One of these three viewpoints is civilisation itself – the other two destroy it.

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