Monday, 6 August 2012

Mario Monti: resentment could trigger breakup

The Washington Post reports,

"Italy’s prime minister [Mario Monti] has warned that the eurozone’s sprawling debt crisis has created resentment amid the bloc’s nations, which could ultimately trigger a breakup of the wider European Union".

and that eurozone tension over the past few years

 “bear the traits of a psychological dissolution of Europe,” adding that Europe “must work hard to contain it.”

He is right, except for the we "must work hard to contain it" part.

The article continues,

"Monti insisted the 17-nation currency’s disintegration would destroy the founding of the European project. Therefore it is the prime task of the nations’ leaders to explain to their citizens Europe’s real situation and not give in to old prejudices...".

So Monti, what is the real situation? Will you and the other leaders also explain to citizens that there is indeed an alternative to the European project? That member countries could be better off by leaving the EU and EMU? We will follow the news closely to see if this is explained to the citizens of Europe.

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