Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Norway: Here we go again, let's throw even more money at these problems

In today's session in the Norwegian parliament the current government, amongst other matters, was called in to explain what it will do going forward to improve security in Norway. Prime minister Stoltenberg avoided answering many direct questions and revealed few concrete measures to deal with the lack of leadership and other matters identified in the 22 July Commission Report. But what he did announce was that a new national emergency base for the police would be built in Norway and that it would cost "billions". And this despite a lack of spending and resources not being a major reason for why the police and security measures failed according to the commission report.

The government's spending spree continues in Norway. A sign of bad governance is throwing more money at problems before fundamental issues are identified and improved. Again, Stoltenberg and his government fails in this department. To make the whole session more depressing, the opposition parties demonstrated a passive attitude and put little pressure on the prime minister. Herein lies a fundamental problem, namely the complete lack of holding politicians and bureaucrats accountable, both from the government itself and from the opposition parties. A very good reason to keep the state and its bureaucracy as small as possible.

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