Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Prime minister Stoltenberg should resign says VG

Following the publication yesterday of the 22 July Commission Report, VG (the largest tabloid news paper in Norway) today concludes that the Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg should resign and also writes the following,

Our government has simply not been able to protect us because of incompetence, lack of follow-up to make decisions and deviations from specific contingency plans. Add to that out-dated IT systems at the police department, inadequate communication and something that may resemble poor internal discipline and internal strife in government agencies.

The sum of these screams incompetence. It would be absolutely intolerable if this will not have direct consequences for people with formal responsibility.
VG is absolutely correct. As we wrote yesterday, the prime minister has not demonstrated leadership and has not held anyone, neither in the police force nor the relevant ministries, accountable for not having done their job. He did not have to wait more than a year for the Commission Report in order to do that. If him and his government needed this report to uncover weaknesses, this in itself is evidence of a complete lack of knowledge and control within the government. They should have been aware of a lot of these weaknesses uncovered in the report before 22 July and have done something with them then. What is also worrying is that if discipline and leadership were so poor when it came to security matters, can the Norwegian people have faith the same does not apply to other departments of his government? Or to the government as a whole? We think not. The government's fiscal account deficits for mainland central government spending is just one other example of lack of discipline (see here for a series of articles on this). Incompetence indeed, and we repeat, inertia.

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