Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Counter Intuition explains "why the euro will fail horribly"

Counter Intuition has some wise words about the eurozone crisis in their latest piece,
The latest comments from the ECB codify the culture of sociopathic delusion within the circles of european power. Referring to the necessity of their latest unlimited bond-buying scam, they claimed the euro was “irreversible”.
This is clearly false – for what is irreversible about paper and policy? What they are really saying is – no matter how many reasons we have to change course – we are committed to a vision determined many years ago, regardless of the destruction we cause.
Some might say this is just typically dishonest rhetoric designed to restore confidence in the euro market. This is not the case. They really believe they have the ability to stabilise entire markets.
As a political fiat currency, the euro was always destined to fail, but now we have assurance that it will fail horribly. It is, in short, because those who tend to it are hopelessly delusional.


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