Monday, 3 September 2012

"Don't do it, folks" says Boris Johnson about Croatia joining the EU and euro

Boris Johnson says "Croatia has escaped one doomed federal structure – only to shackle itself to another", and writes in The Telegraph,
On July 1 next year, Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union, and under the terms of the Treaty of Maastricht this new, proud sovereign state – not yet two decades old – must accept the entire corpus of EU law; and she must place her neck in the noose of the single currency. Unlike Britain or Denmark, the Croats have no opt-out. They are now legally obliged to give up the kuna for the euro, and I say, don’t do it, folks. It is not only a mistake. To submit to the euro would be a stunning refusal to learn the grim lessons of recent Balkan history.
Christopher Westley writes on the Circle Bastiat

It goes without saying that the EU needs Croatia much more than the reverse, if only to counter the economic and political backlash that will accompany the Grexit, for which firms are preparing now. The Croats shouldn’t join as it’s hard to explain why Croatia’s economic performance since independence can be improved upon by doing so–but if they must, they are beyond foolish not to use their tremendous bargaining power to require better terms.
The economic integration of Europe, and the peace that trade begets, does not require lost sovereignty. Rather, it requires trade which nation-states can only hinder. It amazes one to think about how much more wealth and, by extension, charity there would be in Europe today if so many billions of euros were not forcibly transferred to the super-bureaucracy in Belgium. Let’s hope Poland’s foreign minister is up for a long wait.
It would truly be a shame to see such a lovely and easy going people become entangled in EU's bureaucratic web. A real shame and a real shame for the country's tourist industry as well as prices will surely increase.


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