Thursday, 13 September 2012

The wannabe socialist dictator's speech

Yesterday Barroso set out his "political vision" for the ultimate demise of the EMU. He talks excitingly about increasing taxes, through many channels. What is perhaps even more scary is that as of now, 10:57 (CET+1), the video below has been watched only 524 times. Remember as you listen to him that the debt problems of some of the European countries which are members of the EMU does not have to be solved by "further integration". He is simply using the debt problems as a means of further expanding EU powers and creating a socialist EMU with close financial and political integration run by the ECB (supervising ALL banks in the EMU), the Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

One thing that further integration means is the socialisation of debt (which has already happened through the various bailout packages created to date), meaning that tax payers in countries that have managed their finances prudently will have to pay even more for failed politicians and financial institutions in other countries. Barroso is proposing to further expand the EU bureaucracy channelling more power to it, decreasing democratic powers of the EMU member countries. This will have to lead to higher operating costs of running the EU and EMU, an important matter he fails to mention (the proposed budget for 2013 is €132.7 billion). A similar model has been tried before, it was called the Soviet Union. And we all know now how that ended (see the first link above).

Here's his propaganda speech.


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