Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Norwegian Parliament to award itself a 4.3% salary increase

The Norwegian Parliament is today set to award itself a 4.3% salary increase for next year dn.no reports. Members' of Parliament new salary will be NOK 811,505 (USD 142,825) and government members are to receive a salary of NOK 1,158,927 (USD 204,018). Pensions are pretty juicy as well of course. Nettavisen.no explains that if you want a salary of NOK 811,505, free accommodation, 104 days paid annual leave and get to decide your own salary, then a career in parliament is for you.

The Norwegian bureaucracy's spending spree is not stopping any time soon and of course this will provide the unions with plenty of ammunition for similar salary increases next year. At the same time the government is asking both the public and private sectors to show modesty when it comes to salary negotiations. Leading by example indeed. We would never expect them to.

Yet another reason for governments to be very limited in size.


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  1. Until you realise that Singapore's government are paid in MILLIONS of dollars. With hefty bonuses. Making Norway's MPs' salaries look like chump change.
    A feeble excuse for this is that 'high ministerial salaries prevent corruption'. Far from the truth.