Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"Euro lunartics blow £338m on Mars trip"

The Sun reports: "Euro lunartics blow £338m on Mars trip",
THREE skint countries that could bring down the eurozone are blowing £338million on a trip to MARS.
Basket-case Italy will shell out a staggering £278million on the project.
Riot-hit Spain — teetering on the edge of financial ruin — has earmarked £58.3million. And bailed-out Portugal — second only to Greece as the “sick man of Europe” — is spending £2.1million on the trip.
All three are members of the 19-nation European Space Agency — the EU’s answer to Nasa — which has “budgeted” £850million for the mission to send a rocket to the Red Planet by 2016. Spain and Portugal have also joined Germany to “fund studies” of a possible Moon landing in 2018.
Britain has already contributed £165million to the Mars project, and science minister David Willetts has told MPs: “Some increased financial support may be provided.” Yet Germany, the richest country in the EU, is stumping up just £89million.
Last night UKIP leader Nigel Farage blasted the waste of money. He said: “These countries who have been bailed out by hard-working British taxpayers would be better off using any money here on Earth, sorting out their economies and encouraging small businesses.
“The EU are constantly trying to compete with the US, even if it makes no economic sense.
“This is another example of a vanity project wasting money in countries which have none to spare.”
And they're also spending €5 billion on a financial aid package for Egypt, €8.7 million fighting terrorists in Sahel  and €22.8 million fighting pirates, just to mention a few other spending programmes financed partly with struggling European countries' much needed money. And this at a time when unemployment in Europe is already high and getting worse and industrial production is tanking. And they are proposing a €132.7 billion budget for the EU next year! The EU has indeed gone mad. It is beyond comprehension the voters accept this. Maybe its time to move to Mars, there is no big government and central planning agencies up there yet as far as we know.


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