Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brussels Expands Further - the EED

The European Union announced today the establishment of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) - yes, yet another acronym added to the long, and growing, list of offices, committees etc etc run by the EU. Catherine Ashton of the EU explains,
“The central idea that motivated the creation of the Endowment is Europe’s commitment to advancing democracy. ot only does this benefit the people who aspire to freedom and who champion democratic transitions worldwide; it is also in our own European interest. The Endowment comes at a very timely moment, as 2013 will be a crucial year for democratic transitions, in particular in the EU’s neighbourhood. The European Endowment for Democracy can play a very important role. By working directly with those in the field, who are striving for democracy; and by offering flexible, non-bureaucratic and dedicated procedures that are tailored to the needs and demands on the ground.”
The EED will naturally be based in Brussels.
Štefan Füle, Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, said (my bold):
"I am delighted to see the European Endowment for Democracy becoming a reality. I see the Endowment for Democracy as a strengthened effort, supporting democratisation and peaceful forces that work for democratic changes to happen, supporting the actors of change in our neighbourhood, the emerging players that face obstacles in accessing European Union funding. With this new initiative we are sending a clear message of solidarity to the peoples of the eighbourhood, assuring them that their democratic aspirations and their fight for human rights will be heard and supported by the European Union. The European Union can also bring its experience and know how to help them address the challenges of transition from authoritarianism to democracy."
Hence, nothing short of a plan to expand the EU empire further, using "advancing democracy" in its little marketing exercise. If the EU was so keen on democracy you should take note of the fact that it has drawn many countries into debt and as a result now effectively financially controls for example Greece, Spain and Ireland (together with the ECB and IMF, watch the list of countries and their banks receiving funds from the ESM grow going forward). And do not forget that Mario Monti of Italy is an unelected technocrat and that the people of Europe never got to vote for Barroso (if not familiar with this I suggest you listen to many of the video clips of Nigel Farage in this blog).

The EED is in the process of completing its setting up process and recruitment of staff and should be operational during the first half of 2013. The initial budget for EED will be around €14 million and don't be surprised to see this budget grow aggressively going forward. Yes, it is a relatively small amount in the large scheme of things, but it all adds up. And as new countries are added to the EU, more wealth transfers will take place and the running costs of the EU will only go one way, up. EU tax payers will pay this bill as well of course, don't mind the increasing unemployment rates and debt problems across the euro area/EU. And don't mind that the EU cannot afford this, empire building is priority 1 for the EU and Brussels. At any cost. When will this utter madness end? Not until the leaders of the, for now, sovereign countries of Europe stop being asleep at work (or new leaders with a real understanding of economics are elected) and the electorate starts paying more attention as to what a portion of their taxes are actually spent on.

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