Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nigel Farage reply to UK Bosses warning the UK not to renegotiate the EU membership

Here is Nigel Farage's reply to Richard Branson and others warning, amongst other: “We must be very careful not to call for a wholesale renegotiation of our EU membership, which would almost certainly be rejected. We need a strong reformed EU with Britain at the heart of it.”
“What [Sir Richard] Branson is doing alongside the other bosses of big businesses, is supporting membership of an organisation whose increasing regulatory framework makes it very difficult for any new business to come in and challenge them. This is the status quo defending themselves. All the companies involved have strong relationships with the European Commission, and this is just a desperate attempt of people like Branson to keep their privileged positions.”
Big government and big central planning authorities like the EU does make crony capitalism prosper. Read the full article in the Evening Standard here.


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