Thursday, 3 January 2013

Weekly Seafood Update: Norwegian Farmed Salmon Exports, week 52 2012

Statistics Norway reported an export of 7,514 metric tonnes of fresh/chilled and frozen farmed salmon from Norwegian salmon farmers in week 52, 2012. On a rolling average four week basis volume in tonnes exported was up 10.2% (1,833 tonnes) on the same period last year.

The weighted average price per kilo for the week was NOK 33.04 and was up 13.3% YoY on a rolling average four week basis.

The value of exports for the week was NOK 248.267 million, an increase of 22.3% (NOK 108.626 million) on last year on a rolling average four week basis.

Though tonnes exported for the week fell dramatically on last week and last year, total tonnes exported continue to increase on last year on a rolling four week average basis and increased for the 85th week in a row. The weighted average export price of NOK 33.04 for the week was the highest recorded for 2012 and on a rolling average four week basis, prices for the week increased for the 11th week in a row on last year with the percentage increase for the week being the highest recorded for 2012. The total value of exports therefore also continued to increase on last year, driven by an increase in both volume and price, and represented the 31th week in a row with an increase on last year (on a rolling four week basis). On a more general level, the trend for quite a few weeks now is a slower growth rate in volumes exported and an increase in the growth rate in price and the value of exports.

For the final Year to Date update for 2012 of Norwegian Farmed Salmon exports (as of week 52), please go here.



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