Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ron Paul: Are We At War With Pakistan?

Ron Paul writes today,
Much of our attention lately has been focused on the use of drone strikes against US citizens on US soil. The Administration recently affirmed that it does not have the right to kill Americans on US soil by drone…unless it deems them “combatants” first. This should not make us feel any better – that was the same technique used to send so many to Guantanamo even though it was known they had not committed a crime against the US. Call someone “combatant” and they lose all right to life and liberty without trial. It seems like a bad dream.
Unfortunately, less attention has been paid to another very disturbing and dangerous aspect of the US use of drones to kill. As the UK Guardian newspaper reported yesterday, the United States has been using its military to attack the sovereign territory of Pakistan without the consent of the government of Pakistan. Over continued objections of the government of Pakistan, including regularly delivered strong notes of protest, the US government continues to use its drones to attack Pakistani citizens on Pakistani soil. 
Read the whole article here.

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