Thursday, 27 June 2013

French Households' Confidence Declines Further in June

By National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, France

In June 2013, households’ confidence keeps declining (-1 point)

In June 2013, households’ confidence about the economic situation slightly declined. The synthetic confidence index lost 1 point with respect to May, falling to a new lowest level.

Personal situation

Financial situation: almost stable

In June, households appreciation of their future financial situation was stable. Their opinion on their past financial situation was almost stable (+1 point), as their opinion about the suitable time to make major purchases (–1 point). These three balances remained clearly below their long term averages.

Savings: decreasing

In June, households’ opinion about their current saving capacity was almost stable (–1 point). Their opinion about their savings capacity in the next 12 months deteriorated (–3 points).
Households were more numerous than in May to think that it was a suitable moment to save. The corresponding balance gained two points and remained clearly beyond its long–term average.

Consumer synthetic index
Consumer synthetic index

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