Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Bump in the Road to [U.S] Medical Serfdom

By Christopher Westley

The Obama administration announced last week that it is delaying a key portion of the implementation of Obamacare — meaning the financial penalties to small businesses that fail to comply. The dominant news meme seems to be that we should not under any circumstances assume there is any problem with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that these types of delays were always expected, that the program is still popular, that we shouldn’t read anything into its structural soundness, and so on.

Jon Gruber, the MIT economist whose name and reputation are tied to much of the health care law said: “Basically, it was [the administration’s] judgment that it was causing too many logistical and political headaches and it wasn’t essential to the law, so they decided to just delay it a year and live with the revenue loss.”

Gruber gives the game away, making it clear that part of the purpose of designing such a complicated system was to ensure fine-revenues from those firms that could not comply with it.

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