Monday, 1 July 2013

Anti-tax campaigner's message for David Cameron

By Katherine Rushton

One of America's most powerful anti-tax campaigners, Grover Norquist, has accused Europe of trying to set up a tax cartel with Washington, and is coming to London this week with a message for David Cameron.

He will deliver the message in the annual Hayek lecture on Wednesday, at the Institute of Economic Affairs, where he will also savage international attempts to prevent multinationals such as Google, Amazon and Starbucks from siphoning funds through shell companies in tax havens to take advantage of their low rates of taxation. 

The charismatic lobbyist, who has spent the past few decades successfully persuading Republicans to sign "The Pledge" – a formal promise never to raise taxes – will urge the Prime Minister to slash corporate taxes and establish the UK as the "pro-growth, low-tax" centre of Europe.

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