Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Charts of the Day: The U.S. LoDI National Index Jumps to 5 Year High (as of July 2013)

Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted, Updated: 2013-07-16.

The index value ranges between 1 and 100. A value higher than 50 indicates healthy economic activity.

The LoDI Index uses linear regression analysis to combine cargo volume data from rail, barge, air, and truck transit, along with various economic factors. The resulting indicator is designed to predict upcoming changes in the level of logistics and distribution activity in the US and is represented by a value between 1 and 100. An index at or above 50 represents a healthy level of activity in the industry.

Graph of University of Louisville: LoDI National Index

And the same index, but on a year on year percentage change basis.

FRED Graph

Read more here.

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