Friday, 5 July 2013

Enter the Guv’nor

By Tim Price

It is difficult to know quite where to start in extolling the virtues of this semi-mythical godlike being who has just descended to earth to take up his new position at the central bank of the United Kingdom. His matinée idol good looks? His twinkling, steely, yet strangely compassionate eyes? That cheeky yet cherubic pout? His being appointed senior associate deputy minister of finance effective November 15, 2004 at the Canadian federal Department of Finance? No matter. As legions of otherwise hard-nosed financial commentators dissolve into girlish transports of delight at the arrival of this thrusting young buck at the offices of the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, there can surely be no likelihood whatsoever that the fatuous hagiographic sycophancy with which all of Fleet Street and the City are greeting his appointment will end in anything other than everyone’s expectations of economic and monetary transcendentalism and an orgiastic recovery in our national finances being spectacularly exceeded.

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