Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Institutionalizing Ignorance

By Walter Block and Jordan Reel

According to the official White House website, the end goal of schooling is to “help restore middle-class security.” Such a stance is a surprisingly honest one in a political environment built on deceit. The Obama administration makes no attempt to hide the fact that mandatory public schooling is a state tool for manipulating class structure. This is both a historical and economic fact.

Modern American schooling stems from two sources. First the Prussian school system which was used by the Nazis to limit and control legal access to information while psychologically training students in order to promote fascist ideology. The second is the free state-run schools which were an important part of the caste-structure that has existed in India for thousands of years. Here, the menial and “untouchable” classes, approximately 95 percent of the population, were subject to the rule of the Hindu Brahmin priest (Gatto 39). Each class had its own forms of education, all of them placing an emphasis on “truth,” which referred to the superiority of the Brahmin priest and the proper subservient role of the student in society.

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