Monday, 2 September 2013

The Short Version of the "Austrian" True Money Supply (TMS), as of 19 August 2013

The year on year (YoY) percentage change in the short version of the Austrian TMS increased slightly from previous week according to numbers released on Friday by the Fed.

The 8.86% increase on the same period last year was the second lowest reported for almost five years (previous week's 8.78% was the lowest).

The annualised growth rates in the table below point to a slowing down in the growth rate of the money supply as most shorter term growth rates are expanding at a slower pace than the longer term ones. For example, the annualised percentage change during the most recent six weeks (6w) is 3.82%. This is substantially lower than the annualised growth rate during the most recent five years (5y) of 12.04%.