Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Merkel's True Colours

Patrick Barron yesterday wrote the following regarding the news that "Merkel demands EU Treaty change to give Commission control over national budgets",
What national government would ever agree to such a contract or honor it if it did? Merkel has shown the true colors of the euro-federalists; i.e., that the nation state must subordinate itself to an unelected supranational body, in effect a dictatorship of foreigners. As long as the EU exists the national governments will continue to raid the EU treasury, and they will NOT accept orders from Brussels and most certainly not from Berlin. Merkel should mind her own business, set a good example (which Germany HAS been doing!), and leave the rest of Europe alone. Germany should get out of the EU, open its borders to free trade, and reinstate the deutschmark. THIS is the way to lead! 
And so should the other EU members. It's time to stop this socialist and bureaucratic experiment and end this tragedy before it gets even worse.

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