Thursday, 12 December 2013

Danger, Danger, Danger: Searches for "Stock Bubble" in the U.S. Hit Massive All-Time High!!

Googlers worldwide are now appearing to worry about stock market bubbles popping up around the world. A search on "stock bubble" today on Google Trends reveals the following:

At 98, the score is rapidly closing in on the 100 reported back in June 2005. But wait, it gets worse. Narrowing the same search down to U.S. googlers only reveals the following:

Got that? Searches for "stock bubble" in the U.S. have long gone surpassed the previous high of 64 from November 2005! Maybe I'm not a contrarian after all. But wait, maybe I still am as the really stupid money and investors betting on even greater fools often enter the game towards the end for one last push up the hill just before the slide right down to where it all started.