Friday, 3 January 2014

Quote of the Day: Overabundant Money is No Substitute For A Lack Of Genuine Capital

Five years and more since the successive collapse of the pillars of the American financial system ushered in our present dire ‘unorthodoxy’, it should be obvious that overabundant money is no substitute for a lack of genuine capital. It should also be readily admitted that artificially low interest rates cannot be guaranteed to overcome the many disincentives to entrepreneurship which currently exist.
How else could it be in a world where the profit motive is so universally condemned? How else when any businessman worth his salt knows that he is being asked to spend his energies and pledge his future well-being in pursuit of customers who either themselves are not financially sound or who suffer under a government whose own straitened condition may, at any moment, seek to rob them of whatever wealth is they have so far managed to preserve.
                                                                                  Sean Corrigan, Diapason Commodities Management,                                                                              11 December 2013 issue of Material Evidence