Friday, 11 July 2014

The Short Version of the "Austrian" True Money Supply (TMS), as of 30 June 2014

The short version of the Austrian True Money Supply (SVTMS) for the U.S. increased 0.57% (34.18% annualised) during the most recent week ending 30 June 2014 to hit $10.1454 trillion. The money supply is now up 2.69% year to date. This measure of the money supply is calculated from the latest data published by the Federal Reserve. 

The 1-year growth rate declined sharply this week, from 8.55% last week to 7.88%, the lowest reported for 11 weeks and lower than the 8.30% average since 1980. Compared to same week last year, the 1-year growth rate dropped by 1.07 percentage points. 

The 5-year annualised growth rate in the money supply continue to go nowhere but down. At 10.42%, it was the slowest growth since week ending 28 May 2012. The growth rate was 0.95 percentage point lower than a year ago and was the 31st week in a row with a declining growth rate. 

Key growth rates in the short version of the "Austrian" True Money Supply as of 30 June 2014: