Friday, 26 September 2014

The Short Version of the "Austrian" True Money Supply (TMS), as of 15 September 2014

The short version of the Austrian True Money Supply for the U.S., the measure of the money supply applied in this weekly report, increased 0.17% on last week for the week ending 15 September 2014. At $10.3349 trillion, a new all-time high for the third week running, the money supply is now up 4.62% year to date.

The 1-year growth rate in the money supply ended the week on 8.00%, up from the 7.91% increase reported last week. The growth rate remains lower than the long term average of 8.30% and is currently 97 basis points lower than the 8.97% average year on year growth rate for 2013. 

The major development for the week was that the one year percentage point change in the above growth rate turned positive following 115 consecutive weeks in the read. This means the 1-year growth rate today is higher than it was during the same week last year. 


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