Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dr Pat Gunning on "Courses in Business Ethics"

Here's a gem from Austrian school economist Dr Pat Gunning from a discussion on courses in business ethics,
It seems to me that courses in business ethics are simply another means of promoting the progressive agenda in colleges and universities.
If you think ethics is necessary, then you should begin with comparing business promises with political promises.
Then you should teach how, under capitalism, for the most part, the pursuit of personal interests through profit seeking enables everyone, whether they care about profits or not, to enjoy a share of the mountains of goods and services that pour forth.
Finally, you should teach about how governments relieve thieves, cheaters and liars of the responsibilities for the damage they do. If it weren't for the regulatory agents and interventionists, these nasties would otherwise face severe penalties under a strict law of liability for their damaging actions.

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